FR I EN    Hotel** Restaurant du Chêne ITXASSOU (Basque Country)

Restaurant - Menu of the moment ...

Hôtel** Restaurant du Chêne MENU : 35 €

Carrée rouge Our entries : 10 €

Typical soup with ham and winter vegetables, simmered around the fire,
Croutons with brie cheese and walnuts.

Crab lasagna, fried gambas, carcass cream and old parmesan curls.

Pie with Baïgorry ‘trout like a gravlax,
Fromage blanc with yuzu and vodka, bouquet of rocket.

Pie with black pudding and caramelized apples,
Lemon crumble, deviled egg and salad.

The famous sow ham from Ramuntcho Arrosagaray,
Hot peppers with vinegar, spiced butter.

Snail ravioli with winter root vegetables, crusty pig’s ears,
Tomato coulis with cardamom and burrata.

Stir-fried chipirons with pig’s feet , creamy polenta,
Chorizo cream and sheep’s cheese.

Soft boiled egg poached in red wine sauce, grilled toast and
Grandmother side dish, sweet potato crisp.

Half – cooked duck foie gras spiced with piment d’Espelette,
Yellow fruit ’chutney, bread with cereals. (Supplement 5€)

Carrée rouge OUR DISHES : 17 €

Beautiful ray meunière with capers and crusts,
Tomato tartar, tartiflette with mozzarella.

Cod loin cooked in a saucepan, courgette pie with pesto,
Blanquette sauce, mushrooms and baby onions.

Monkfish medallions with orange and prune, bulgur risotto, oriental sauce.
(Supplement 2€).

Thick slice of hake from Saint Jean de Luz cooked on a plancha,
Chicory fondue with ham, cream of red kuri squash with beans.

Local lamb sweetbreads with ceps and baby potatoes, meat jus.

Pig cheeks braised with Basque cider like my Amatchi used to cooked it,
Vegetables and Agata potatoes.

Chicken from the GAEC of Saint Martin d’Arrossa,
Baby potatoes, ceps and green olives, cooking juice.

Osso bucco of veal cooked “ttuku ttuku”,
Macaroni gratin, sauce with citrus fruit flavours.

Carrée rouge OUR DESSERTS : 8 €

Big profiterole like a cream puff with Madagascar vanilla ice cream,
Homemade Chantilly cream, hot chocolate and grilled almonds.

Tarte Tatin revisitée in its glass, Basque shortbread biscuit,
Pecan nut ice cream.

Mirliton with apricots and pistachio, yellow fruit coulis,
Ice cream with nougat from Montelimar.

Raspberry pie as my auntie used to cooked it,
Bavarian cream and chocolate chips, mixed berries sorbet.

Lemon pie, crunchy meringue, lime sorbet, caramel of citrus fruits.

Macaroon with vanilla, salted caramel ice cream, hazelnut crumble.

Surprise cake with citrus fruits, orange and grapefruit sorbet,
Seasonal fruits.

Baba flavoured with rum, mango compotée,
Chantilly cream and roasted almonds.

Pie with chestnut cream and mascarpone, custard with rum, cocoa biscuit

Ossau Iraty’s sheep’s cheese, refined by Isabelle our shepherdess, cherry jam.

Carrée rouge CHILDREN MENU : 10 € (jusqu’à 12 ans)

Homemade hamburger with steak of the butcher
Fish of the day with homemade big French fries


“Push up Haribo” ice cream or crepe with Chantilly cream